1.        Coordinates and monitors all operational and related activities of the PNP and consolidates all reports then prepares the PNP Journal of Significant Incidents on a daily basis;


2.        Transmits to and receives from subordinate units messages and reports pertaining to operational and other related matters and relays them to the concerned offices for appropriate action and/or proper disposition;


3.        Prepares a situation report of all significant events reported by operating units for the immediate information of the SILG, Chief, PNP, TCDS, the Command group and other concerned offices;


4.        Prepares the initial letter for the President, endorsement letter of the SILG and the accompanying memorandum of the Chief, PNP of all significant incidents reported;


5.        Monitors the occurrence of significant incidents nationwide through media; 


6.        Ensures the implementation of approved plans/orders/letters of instructions and coordinates/monitors the preparation of the proper reports pertaining thereto;


7.        Issues flight directives to D, SAF regarding use of PNP Air Assets;


8.        Monitors and assists in the activation, deactivation, deployment and re-deployment of PNP and AFP units;


9.        Initiates contact with the Regional Tactical Operations Center for their situation update and progress reports of significant incidents; and Performs other tasks as directed.

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