What is Mystery Shopping?

How a business treats their customers determines whether the business will be successful or not. No one goes back to a place where they were not treated well.

A very good way that a company can know what their customers experience is to use an independent mystery shopping company, where impartial shoppers visit the business and report accurately on what they observed.

A mystery shopping program enables management to monitor and measure service performance by capturing the true customer experience. Mystery shoppers, who blend in to the establishment being evaluated like regular customers, gather specific information about products and services in the establishment and provide detailed reports and feedback about their experiences.

Data generated from mystery shopping activities can be used to create programs that will promote better customer service to improve customer retention.

Mystery Shopping programs can:
  • Guide management in establishing benchmark metrics and measure service improvement by providing quantitative feedback from front-line operations
  • Reinforce positive behaviors of front-line employees and branch managers when coupled with performance-based reward and incentive systems
  • Drive frontline staff performance improvement which can increase revenue and customer loyalty
  • Support promotional programs by checking the extent to which the programs are implemented as planned
  • Guarantee that corporate policies and procedures are implemented in the field through pricing and merchandising compliance audits
  • Identify training needs and monitor training results
  • Identify and quantify sales opportunities